Athi Mgqibelo inducted as an elder 2020

Cedar Community Centre

Previous chapel used (Anna’s Kitchen and Country Lodge)

Previous chapel used (Anna’s Kitchen and Country Lodge)

Tommie (IMPACT MINISTRIES) and family

Athi preaching

Worship team

Fraser and the late Dalene Butterworth inducted as new members

Wednesday Bible Study

R.G. & Charné Ross

Jacob & Manase Mofokeng

Kobus van der Walt

Thobani Gamede

Trudie Bothma

Thian Herbert

Jaymé Herbert

Fraser Butterworth

Our late sister Dalene Butterworth (+2020)

Lerato and Ntsika Toona

Liesl Herbert

Ruan Herbert

Kobus baptizing Elsje Hadzigrigoriou

Wednesday evening Bible Study

Baptismal service (2020): Leandra Hadzigrigoriou, Sharon MacDonald & Elsje Hadzigrigoriou

Manase & Jacob Mofokeng

Nico van der Walt

Jeanne busy with on-line Bible Study with ladies in Cape Town

Kobus preaching at annual SOLA5 Conference

Tommie preaching at our church

Jacob Mofokeng

Kobus baptizing Sharon MacDonald

Elsje Hadzigrigoriou, Leandra Hadzigrigoriou, Sharon MacDonald and visiting guests

Lerato and Ntsika Toona

Some members praying for Leandra after her baptism

Holiday Biblle Study


Tea after the service

Soniah and Nico van der Walt

Tea after the service

Leandra Hadzigrigoriou

Kobus baptizing Sharon MacDonald

Sharon MacDonald

Members praying for Elsje Hadzigrigoriou after her baptism



Elsje Hadzigrigoriou

Elsje Hadzigrigoriou, Daniel Martin, Leandra Hadzigrigoriou and Kobus van der Walt

Cedar Community Centre

Ruan & Liesl Herbert


Kobus baptizing Hugo van der Walt

Visiting the Mofokengs in Sebokeng

Mathaphelo Thakane

Kobus baptizing Hugo van der Walt

Cedar Community Centre

Jaymê, Ruan & Thian Herbert

Bible Study

Ruan & Liesl Herbert


Kobus at John Bunyan’s grafe site in London (UK)

Liesl & Ruan Herbert

Retha Viljoen & Liesl Herbert

Kobus welcoming the late Dalene and Fraser Butterworth

Jayme Herbert

Kobus & Jeanne van der Walt

Tommie van der Walt preaching in our church

Kobus welcoming new members (the Herbert family)

Outdoor preaching

Kobus preaching at Brackenhurst Baptist Church

Previous chapel used for services

Emmanuel and Family

Manase and Jacob Mofokeng

Tyker, Allison, Tommie, Logan & McKenna van der Walt

Tommie Hugo & Fraser Butterworth

Trudie Bothma

Jaymé playing the violin

Kobus baptizing Jaymé (assisted by Ruan Herbert)

Kobus baptizing Thian Herbert

Kobus with Jaymé and Thian

The late Dalene Butterworth and Jeanne van der Walt

Welcoming new members to the church – 2020
Kobus ministering in Cape Town (with colleagues and friends Qiunton and Mario Manneville)
Kobus having fellowship with colleagues and friends – f.l.t.r.: Choolwe Mwethwa (Copper Belt, Zambia), Ronald Kalifungwa (Lusaka, Zambia); Dr, Wayne Mack (USA); Dr. Conrad Mbewe (Lusaka, Zambia)
Ladies Saturday Bible Study
Jeanne enjoying fellowship with sisters from Zambia
Lerato Toona
Leandra and Daniel
Kobus preaching at the annual SOLA5 Conference



Zamani Mangweni