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Hosea – God’s Great Love Story – 03  (“Redeemer of a Prostitute”)

Hosea – God’s Great Love Story – 03  (“Redeemer of a Prostitute”)  INTRODUCTION: The harlotry of Israel and the jealousy of Yahweh (God) reached a climax in the 8thcentury BC, but in order to understand better why this happened, we need … Continue reading

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Hosea – God’s Great Love Story – 01 (“The Adulterous Wife”)

Hosea – God’s Great Love Story – 01 (“The Adulterous Wife”) INTRODUCTION: Hosea is a challenging book, but the main message is seen in the first three chapters, which describe Hosea’s call to an unhappy marriage, separation and divorce and final … Continue reading

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Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – 03 (“He Who Began a Good Work in You”)

[Message: Kobus van der Walt (Three Rivers Baptist Church – 14 April 2019)] INTRODUCTION: Death is inevitable; death is a reality; death will eventually catch up with all of us! Even non-Christians experienced it and will experience it in the … Continue reading

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